5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Backyard

Going into a new season can be filled with excitement and trepidation for anyone who enjoys spending time outside.

It’s always sad to see a backyard go to ruin over the fall and winter just because the weather isn’t as welcoming as it is in spring and summer. The truth is, for many homeowners, their backyards are nothing more than an overgrown patch of dirt littered with the remnants of summer.

Making Your Backyard A Year-Round Place

There is no reason for your backyard to be in disrepair, though, when you have so many ways to make the best out of it.

1. Create a Space for Entertaining or Playing Games

If you enjoy having fun outside, you will want to have a nice area that can accommodate you and your family.

If possible, make a covered area in your yard and put an outdoor sofa under there. That way, you can enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about getting wet or cold. It will also come in handy when it comes to entertaining guests and playing board games like checkers and chess.

2. Keep On Top Of Pest Control

Although spring and summer can be exciting with all the new plants and flowers, they can also be a breeding ground for insects and pests.

In the fall and winter, though, those insects and pests will show up, as well as many others that may not seem as obvious such as Termites.

Keep on top of pest control by getting regularly scheduled visits from a pest management company.

3. Use Your Brush

Most people will rake their lawns or mow them frequently to keep them looking nice in spring and summer.

In the fall and winter, though, it isn’t always a good idea to use these same tools because a lot of twigs, leaves, sticks, etc., will become airborne during the windy season, which will be an excellent breeding ground for bugs and diseases.

Using a brush or broom is a much safer and simpler way to remove debris. Plus, you will be able to do it more efficiently and with less effort involved.

4. Use The Right Fertilizer

In spring and summer, it’s important to use high-nitrogen fertilizer to help the fruit trees and vegetables grow as big as possible.

However, if you use this same kind of fertilizer in the fall and winter, there is a small risk that it will be wasted because the nitrogen won’t turn into the leaves and other growing parts of the plant as quickly as it does during warmer months because of the cold weather slowing it down.

5. Create a Wet and Dry Area

By creating a wet and dry area in your yard, you can increase the habitat for animals that use either one or the other.

A wet area is typically comprised of both water and trees that can provide shade from the sun. A dry area is one with no water but still full of grass and trees to provide shade from the sun.