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5 Tips for Getting in Shape for Summer 2023

Putting on weight during the autumn and winter months is perfectly normal, which means striving to get into shape in time for the summer months is a common practice. Even though summer is only a month away, there’s still time to turn things around and achieve a body you’ll happily let loose in the sun. To help you hit your weight-loss goals, we’ve put together a series of tips.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep has many benefits, and it’s not just healing and boosting energy. For example, if you get a proper amount of sleep, your body produces leptin – a hormone that makes you feel full. Whereas, if you don’t get enough sleep, you will have more ghrelin in your system, which makes you feel hungry. Therefore, if you often find yourself rummaging through the cupboards at night, consider heading to bed 75 minutes earlier.

Seek Out Professional Support

Many people find it difficult to stick to a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and a balanced diet. If this sounds familiar, you’ll be happy to know that there are professionals that can help you achieve your goals.When it comes to healthy eating, you can contact a registered dietitian like These experts will create a personalised plan based on your needs, which will improve your likelihood of success.

If you need help sticking to a fitness regime, you can hire a personal trainer. They either operate as part of a gym or privately, so don’t feel pressured to purchase an expensive gym membership on top of paying for a personal trainer. Again, these professionals will create a plan based on your personal needs, and they’ll help keep you accountable.

Sort Your Garden

Alongside your exercise efforts, you should get outside and sort out your garden. As well as being productive, gardening for between two to three hours a week has been proven to burn around 1lbs a week. Additionally, spending just 30 minutes pulling up weeds can burn around 150 calories and more intensive tasks can burn up to 400 calories in an hour.

Boost Your Fibre Intake

Everyone knows that eating more whole grains, legumes, nuts, vegetables, and seeds is good for your health. These types of foods are full of fibre, which has been proven to help with weight loss. As well as this, your gut will be generally healthier, which will help when it comes to toileting.

Keep Hydrated

The recommended daily intake of water for an adult is around 1.2 litres, but many people don’t keep up with this. Instead, they mistake their thirst for hunger and wind up reaching for the snacks. Therefore, the next time you feel hunger creeping in during the morning or afternoon, go and get yourself a drink of water and see if it subsides.

Getting in shape for summer 2023 doesn’t have to be challenging, you simply need to be willing to make several adjustments to your lifestyle. Remember, if you have difficulties, you can seek out professional support for dieting and fitness.