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The Delight of Needlepoint: Top Reasons to Get Started Today

Handicrafts are good for the soul and good for society. So much of our cultures developed based on what the artisans throughout time created by hand. While industrialization has absolutely lifted more people than ever out of poverty, it has also nearly destroyed the art of handmade items. Now those pieces are luxury, if they exist at all.

You can change that. Keeping these ancient practices alive is how we can pass on that knowledge and those special pieces to the generations beyond. This is true for absolutely any artisanal craft, including handicrafts you can get started with right at home. You don’t need a master to teach you needlepoint. You can learn by doing or go online to the wealth of tutorials and information out there.

The internet is a goldmine for the needlepoint community, so if you’ve ever been interested in needlework, or its big sister blackwork, then start today. There are so many reasons to pick up this craft, including the following.

1.   Create Beautiful Pieces to Display

One of the best reasons to start up needlepoint as an art is the simple fact that it gives you stunning pieces you can then put up around your home. Even beginners can get started with these pieces from ericawilson.com and, when they’re finished, frame them and put them up. As you get better and begin to design your own pieces, you can really get creative.

2.   Enjoy a Relaxing, Meditative Craft

The true joy of needlepoint, however, is the process. It’s a wonderfully meditative act that can be done curled up on the couch or out in the sun. You can put on some music, or even a podcast or audiobook, and get sucked into the experience while your hands do what they do best.

This is particularly useful for those who find they listen and pay attention better when their hands are busy. If this sounds like you, picking up a textile craft can be just the ticket.

3.   Gain the Skills Needed to Transition into Embroidery

Thanks to the many beginner’s friendly kits available, you can easily start and practice your needlepoint without any experience. The skills you work on then can easily be transferred to other similar crafts. You can pick up embroidery or blackwork and try those out. As you get more confident, you can move on from little scenes and instead start adding designs to pillows or even your own clothes.

4.   Customize Your Décor and Clothes

Embroidered décor and clothing are stunning, especially when done by someone who knows what they’re doing. The best part as someone who has started off with needlepoint is that needlepoint is actually one of the better textile crafts to transition onto things like clothing. Full-on painting embroidery isn’t an option on thin fabrics, while needlework or blackwork transitions beautifully.

5.   Create One-Of-A-Kind Gifts

If you are someone who wants to give your heart and soul when you pass on gifts but always seem to come up short, then try giving your loved ones small projects you’ve made by hand. You can create fun keyrings or bookmarks for your loved ones that are personal to them.