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5 Secrets to Looking Slimmer with the Right Dress

Curvy women or more properly called curvy, are those women who have a few extra pounds and therefore have greater difficulties in choosing clothes and finding the right combinations in clothes. However, it is good to clarify that there is no perfect body but simply find what best suits your build. For this reason, every woman must necessarily know the shape of her body to understand how to enhance it; in certain cases, she can also help look slimmer.

The most common shapes that exist are five and they are pear, hourglass, rectangle, apple, and inverted triangle.

The first mistake considered the most common that many women make is to tend to underestimate the choice of underwear. Opting for a bra that is too tight can make it seem that the breasts are too large and would risk making the figure slim, clumsy and wider. It is, therefore, necessary to focus on underwear of the right size, which does not leave visible marks on the body or which does not create horrible rolls. Feel relaxed with best outfit in best online pokies australia.

The best bras are those with underwires that can concretely support the weight of the breast. Of course, you should never rely on and be fooled by brands that practice low-cost prices. As for the recommended panties, in these cases, the classic briefs or culottes are completely discarded, while Brazilian and thongs are to be discarded as they cannot adequately cover and support. The containment, modeling, and slimming models, such as those that have an integrated waistband, are particularly suitable for making the woman look thinner as they prove to be effective in better hiding the excess belly.

Secondly, to have the right physique and appear slim and thin in the eyes of others, women must carefully decide which colors of the clothing to wear. This choice must be made, however, also keeping in mind the type of body it is, so a woman who tends to have a pear-shaped body must opt ​​mainly for dark and simple colored trousers while for the upper part she must prefer warm and patterned colors.

The general rule, however, tries to reassure every woman, regardless of the physique she presents; in fact, she just needs to wear single-colored dresses. If you want to follow this rule, you must wear each garment completely of the same color, be it the jacket or the underwear. The body’s weak points will thus surely fade into the background or will not be noticed at all.

The fantasies, on the other hand, are not just ideal if you want to look slimmer; above all, the vertical ones that tend to greatly enlarge the figure are to be discarded. Visit to enjoy your off time.

In women who have a pear or hourglass shape, it is more normal for them to have a more protruding butt than others. In fact, at this point, there is a greater accumulation of fat. In addition to practicing exercises and physical activity to reduce it, it is necessary to wear the right clothing.

Hiding it with ample layers of clothing won’t do much and will make your butt look even bigger. This is why you don’t need to wear sweaters, sweatshirts, and ice creams knotted at the waist but to combine and choose the right clothing items. In this case, clothes with too light colors or patterns should be avoided, but dark colors should be favored. For example, wearing trousers with washed zips could be the ideal solution, as well as those with an elephant flare. In the case of dresses, it is better to opt for soft and wide skirts typical of the 50s.

Many women also find it difficult to hide their thighs and can’t make them look smaller. Straight trousers, tube or flared skirts are the ideal solutions for this problem, while frills, particular applications, and large pockets are to be avoided.

As always, even in this circumstance, it is better to wear dark-colored garments without patterns as it could make the thigh much more considerable.

Another problem afflicts women, especially those who have reached the age of fifty, is large arms and wide hips.

In the first case, avoiding short-sleeved shirts, especially those with a narrow cut is necessary. Instead, sweaters with soft or bat-shaped sleeves should be favored. They turn out to be excellent cardigans and shoulder wraps. The jackets must favor those that leave a lot of freedom in the movements and, of course, without too many particular fantasies.

As for wide hips, it would be good to often wear skirts instead of classic low-waisted trousers. The best models are the flared or flared ones.

Finally, to help slim the figure and look slimmer, a woman must necessarily wear heels.

Of course, in this case, it is necessary to consider your physical shape or the size of the ankles and calves. For women with a thin calf, thin and thin heels are more suitable, while thicker heels are more suitable for women with wider ankles.

In all cases, it is good for women to pay particular attention to the requests that the body involuntarily asks for and to opt for the garments that best suit their case while always remaining fashionable, for example, with the Via Stendhal brand.