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3 Friendly Dog Breeds Your Family Is Sure To Love

Looking for an adorable and friendly dog breed that your family will love and cherish for years to come? You may already be aware that dogs can be hugely beneficial for kids and that they provide wonderful companionship, but might not be sure which breeds are best for families looking for exceptionally friendly and loving pooches. While there are many outgoing types of dogs you could choose from, here are three of the most popular family-friendly breeds you may want to add to your short list.

1. German Shepherds

Despite its large size and active presence, the pink papered German shepherd actually tends to have a very gentle and friendly personality, making it an ideal dog choice for families with young kids. With enough socialization, this dog could make the perfect play companion, especially since German shepherds love physical activity and exercise. They can also be very protective of their families, and may even make an excellent guard dog.

2. Golden Retrievers

The golden retriever is a perennial favorite and family classic for a reason – they’re not only friendly but also easy to train and are likely to get along well with your children. Golden retrievers love to get to know new people and will often be friendly even to those they’ve never met before, so if having an outgoing dog is high on your priorities list, this breed could be a great option. Additionally, they’re quite popular as service dogs, should a member of your family require it.

3. Poodles

If you’re hoping to get a dog that’s not only super friendly but extra intelligent as well, consider adopting a poodle. Poodles are well known for their smarts and easy trainability. Although some poodles can get high-strung or experience separation anxiety, with enough training, you may be able to mitigate these traits. As a bonus, poodles are hypoallergenic and don’t shed, making them the ideal pet choice for families with allergies or a knack for cleanliness in the house.

Adding a dog to your family can bring joy and companionship to your family’s everyday life, not to mention numerous benefits for the kids. If you’re searching for an exceptionally friendly dog breed, however, you may want to add the above options to your list. Whether you prefer golden retrievers, German shepherds or poodles, any of these friendly dogs is sure to bring some extra sunshine into your life!