You Just Bought a Piano…Now What?

Whether you’re an experienced pianist upgrading from a keyboard to a baby grand or looking to start a new musical hobby, adding a luxury investment item such as a piano to your home can bring plenty of joy to your family and friends. Once you’ve purchased your piano, however, you might not know what you need to do to prepare for it to be delivered to your home, or what to do with it after that. This guide will give you some helpful tips on how to care for your new instrument so that it can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Bringing It Home

Once you’ve made the very important decision to purchase a piano, you might be wondering how exactly you’ll bring it into your home. Experienced St. Petersburg FL piano movers will be able to assist, whether you’re bringing the piano up your front steps, or putting it in your upstairs music room. You’ll also want to hire experienced professionals in case you ever move, as your piano is a serious investment you’ll want to take with you no matter where you live.

Proper Maintenance

Ensuring this expensive piece of musical equipment stays in top form will be especially important in the years to come. Make sure that your piano is in a well-ventilated room with a consistent temperature. If the temperature is too hot or cold, the wood can be weakened, and you might have problems with your instrument in the future. Humidity can also affect the parts of a piano, so if you live in an especially humid climate, ensure that you have a dehumidifier to regulate the humidity levels. Keeping it in a room away from pets or small children that might damage the instrument could also be wise. Liquids and spills can cause irreversible damage to an expensive piano.

Tuning and Care

Find a technician in your area that can properly tune your piano. In addition to humidity affecting the wood pieces of your piano, it can also affect the tuning. You’ll want to have the piano tuned about twice a year. If you notice any differences in the tone or volume of your piano, having a professional look at it can help you avoid any future damage.

A piano can be a delightful instrument for even the most casual musician. Ensuring that you care for it properly and invest in the correct maintenance will ensure that your piano brings you joy for years to come.