Why You Should Play Tennis

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. It’s not hard to see why, either – it’s fun, it takes place in summer, and it’s relatively easy to understand. While you might be an avid watcher of the Wimbledon or even partake in a friendly game now and again, have you ever considered taking it up as a sport? Here are the reasons why you should.

It’s Great Exercise

Everyone should have a hobby that doubles as exercise, and tennis is perfect for that. While trying to play an awesome backhand or serve, you’ll find yourself moving back and forth on the court while using your arms to hit the ball hard enough to go over the net.

While the workout is great, you must also take measures to prevent injury, especially concerning your arm and elbow. To do this, invest in a tennis elbow recovery sleeve from Bearhug to protect your joint.

To Improve Your Thinking Skills

Tennis isn’t just about physical movement – you have to use your mind, too. After all, you have to figure out how the other person will place their move to counteract it. This means that not only do you get a physical workout, but you get a mental one, too.

It’s Fun with Friends

Want to find more ways to hand out with your friends? A game of friendly doubles at the weekend followed by a coffee (or cocktail) is a great way to enjoy time with your mates.

To Get More Fresh Air

Due to the prevalence of technology and social media, people are spending less and less time in the great outdoors. This time inside can harm your health, particularly due to vitamin D deficiency. Tennis is generally an outdoor summer game, so you get to soak up the warm sun while giving your competitive side some time to shine.

To Make New Friends

Don’t worry if none of your friends are down with starting tennis, as you are sure to meet plenty of new friends while you’re there! More often than not, you’ll find someone else looking for a partner to practice with, so show up ready to get to know new people.

You’ll Understand the Sport Better

Taking up tennis means learning all the rules. So, the next time you are sat with your family and friends watching Wimbledon, you’ll be able to explain what is going on when someone else might be lost. Plus, knowing the game will surely make you enjoy watching it even more!

There’s No Age Limit

Many sports have an age limit. It can be disheartening, especially if you’ve played a sport your entire life. With tennis, though, you can play at any age. So, when you’ve been retired for years, and your only focus is on enjoying your free time, you will still have the opportunity to meet some friends on the court.

Tennis is a game for anyone. So, invest in some gear, research the best local tennis courts, and go whack the tennis ball to your heart’s content.