back rest pillow

Why you should invest in a back rest pillow

If the name does not sound incredible enough to sway you, we are here to tell you exactly why you should invest in a back rest pillow.

Reading pillows, nursing pillows and gaming pillows are other terms for this comfy product, and there are a huge number of ways you can use them.

Here are just a few reasons you should invest in your own:

Better posture while working

If you are used to spending the working day couped up behind and desk, a back rest pillow is perfect for supporting your spine and protecting your posture.

Back rest pillows are great for those that suffer with chronic back pain. The HusbandPillows at are made with a pressure-relieving memory foam that molds to your unique body shape to provide the best care and comfort for your back.

They are also great for encouraging better posture by helping you to align your hips and legs when sat up.

They are perfect for bookworms

Back rest pillows are often rebranded as reading pillows because they are so great for getting comfortable with a good book. Rather than laying on your side or trying to comfortable leaning on your headboard, a reading pillow helps you sit up comfortably in bed while getting lost in a fictional world.

Sitting upright will also help keep the airways open and balance out all the upper body’s pressure points, as well as meaning you will no longer have to toss and turn with every page.

Ideal for nursing mums

Many pregnant women suffer badly with back pain. With a back rest pillow, mum-to-be can finally find a comfortable position in bed or on the sofa.

When baby arrives, the pillow can double up as a nursing pillow; providing mum with back support while the arms of the pillow can provide support for baby’s head during feeding.

Ergonomically designed for support

While on the surface, a back rest pillow might seem like a money-grabbing scheme that can easily be replicated for free by using a few pillows, these are actually designed with support in mind.

Have you noticed when you lay in bed after sitting up with pillows, the arch in your back actually feels sore? Regular pillows offer no support and quickly deflate or sag when you are leaning on them. Back pillows are designed with the strength to hold the weight of the upper body, and align the shoulders, spine and hips while you sit. So, you can game, watch TV or read while knowing you are doing little damage to your back.

There are so many reasons to invest in a back rest pillow, that donot just evolve around them feeling like a nice warm hug at the end of the day.

Although back pillows are good for relieving or prevent back pain, if you have been suffering from aches and pains for a longer period of time, it is always recommended to check in with your doctor or contact a physiotherapist just in case there are underlying issues at play.