wooden rta cabinet

Why Wooden White RTA Cabinets are a Good Option for Your Home

Adding new wooden cabinets to your home is an excellent way of making it stand out and appealing to a broader range of potential buyers. So if you’re interested in RTA shaker cabinets or other types of upgrades to your home, it is vital to know the various benefits that they can provide you and a few different ways to enhance their look and make them last longer.

Wood is Attractive

Wood is the oldest building material globally, one that has been used in many different ways over the years. And even though it has been used for centuries, it still has one of the most naturally beautiful and elegant styles on the market, creating a unique range of different possibilities that make it more than worth adding to your home in a multitude of different high-quality ways.

Thankfully, there are also various ways you can integrate wooden cabinets into your homes, such as adding them to a kitchen to enhance its overall look and feel. You can also add wooden cabinets to your bathroom or other areas where you need a high level of storage or an upgrade to your home’s look that feels natural and inherently attractive to the most significant number of people.

Wood Can Be Stained

When we say “wood can be stained,” we aren’t referring to your cabinets getting dirty and becoming harder to clean. Instead, we mean that you can add a gorgeous stain to the surface of your wood that will bring out its natural beauty. Though some people prefer to paint cabinets to achieve a more modern and contemporary look, stain creates a natural and more old-fashioned style for your home.

Applying stain is a reasonably straightforward process and shouldn’t require too many specialized steps to make it difficult for the average person. Instead, you just need to find a good stain that meets your needs and fits into your home’s look and style. Then, you can apply it using a brush, letting it dry for a day before adding a handful of coats to make your cabinets look stronger and more secure.

Wood is Easy to Clean

Wood cabinets are also among the most accessible type to clean because you can use various natural oils and safe cleaners that help break apart stains and other types of discolorations on their surface. This step is a wise one if your cabinets are looking rough and want them to look better and last longer. When properly cleaned, wood cabinets last as long as any other type.

About once a week, it is good to use a natural wood cleaner applied to the white RTA cabinets with a rag and stroked with the wood grains. When you clean in this way, you avoid causing damage to the cabinets and make them stronger by enhancing their overall grain structure. You also avoid causing splinters or other problems by pushing too hard against your wooden cabinets’ natural flow and structure.