Marketing Strategy

Why Images Should Be a Large Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Have you ever wondered why almost every article you read online is accompanied by one or more images? Sometimes they are photos and other times they are just a drawing or some other graphical representation. If you look carefully, you will see that those images are meant to tell in a single glance what the entire next few paragraphs are explaining.

You instantly have that image imprinted on your brain and most likely you’ve seen that before you began reading. From a marketing perspective, there are several reasons for those images you see. If you are about to embark on a marketing campaign for your products, services or even your brand, here is some of what you need to know about why images are an important part of the strategy. To help explain this better, let’s use an example of a Bristol photographer who is shooting for a new cosmetics campaign.

Faster Communication

Take, for example, commercial photographers Bristol businesses use often to take photographs of their products. On the website you will see the services they offer, among which is headshot photography Bristol schools would use for their annual class pictures. These aren’t full body shots for the school yearbook. While some of the photos are quite hip, the class photos are simple headshots. Those are the kind of photographs a cosmetic company would use to demonstrate new base foundations or colours of eyeshadow they are introducing. The professional headshots a photographer would take would immediately describe the makeup without going into all the written explanations. The communication would be immediate and all because of that photo.

Brand Recognition

Quite often those very same photos would help to promote brand recognition. Perhaps the kind of makeup your company manufactures are in bold colours in keeping with a retro style trending this year. Or perhaps the foundation is formulated to be gentle on skin prone to acne. A before and after photo would help to promote your brand as being safe for all skin types. Maybe the photos are of middle-aged women seeking to hide those fine lines and the beginning of wrinkles. Your brand would be instantly recognised as one that caters to women of an age.

Images Boost Engagement

Then there is the fact that images are proven to boost engagement. Professional photography Bristol can be a link to products being sold. The right photo can literally lead the viewer to click through to see exactly how that look was accomplished. Even so, backlinks are not the only way in which photography can boost engagement. The women used to model the before and after images of makeup are chosen because other women want those very same results.

When it comes to marketing, images are a very important part of literally any strategy in any industry or niche. They can tell in an instant what it would take pages to explain, and those very images can help consumers immediately identify with your brand. Are you about to begin a marketing campaign? Don’t forget those images. They are an integral part of your strategy so keep that in mind.