Ways to Make Thanksgiving More Fun and Exciting

Thanksgiving is one of the celebrations families feel excited about because they have the chance to see each other again. No one needs to go to work, and the kids are off from school. Although it is already a fun celebration, you can even step it up by thinking of activities everyone would appreciate.

Name the bird

You will most likely pray before you devour the dishes on the table. Turkey is one of the main dishes during Thanksgiving, and you can make it fun by naming the turkey. You can secretly vote on the nominated names and use it as your symbol of gratitude for this year’s Thanksgiving.

Dress up

You don’t need to limit costumes to Halloween and Christmas. You can also dress up during Thanksgiving to make the celebration even better. You don’t need to limit the theme to Thanksgiving. You can have other themes that will bring out the creative side of all family members.

Distribute kitchen tasks

One of the reasons why you can’t have fun during Thanksgiving is because you need to prepare the meals. You might even do it alone since you are too shy to ask your guests to help. They are elsewhere in your house drinking and waiting for dinner. You don’t need to do Thanksgiving this way. While cooking, family members can continue bonding by doing the preparation together.

Blow the candle

When someone has a birthday, the celebrant blows the candle out on the cake and makes a wish. You can do the same thing, but this time, every family member will hold the candle and blow it. They can say one wish for the future, and one thing they are most grateful for. You can say things out loud or have a quiet moment to do it.

Family charades

Charades will always be a fun game. You can do the same thing this year, and group the participants into families. You can also prepare prizes for the kids.


You can organise a cook-off so that everyone will prepare a dish for dinner. The problem is that you need lots of cooking materials and equipment. However, if you have enough, you can do this competition. You don’t need to worry much about what to serve for dinner because you will have lots of dishes ready once the game is over.

Take your family to a fancy restaurant

You can try a different strategy this year by taking your family to one of the great Upper West Side restaurants. You don’t need to rush to finish cooking or worry if the turkey will be ready in time for dinner. If you don’t feel stressed and everyone else does not feel hungry waiting for dinner, they will be in the mood to celebrate. You can make it happen by taking everyone out to a restaurant.

With these tips, you don’t need to think of Thanksgiving negatively. You will enjoy everyone’s presence and have a good time.