Upgrade Your Pistol With Red Dot Optics

Until recently, red dot optics were generally made only for full-sized duty pistols. Retro-fitting one onto a subcompact or micro-compact was more like bringing home a sports car with a king-sized mattress attached. But consumer demand has produced a new generation of small-frame, red dot sights that are thin, light, and offer a respectable viewing window. These miniature optics are explicitly designed for pistols that are meant to be concealed carried. It’s worth pointing out that red dot sights require extensive training to become proficient. You must retrain your muscles and eyes to present the gun, sight in, and track the dot during recoil. You’ll also need to learn how to properly co-witness the iron sights with your red dot to maintain a trained line of sight in case of an optical failure.

Increased Accuracy

If you want to add a red dot sight to your pistol without having to machine the slide or remove the rear iron sights, several options are available. You can purchase a red dot that will mount in place of the rear iron sights or buy an optic with a mounting plate that attaches to the top of your slide. Many red dot manufacturers offer models that are explicitly designed for pistols. Some red dot sights also come with night-sight capabilities, which use a tritium insert to emit a faint glow and make the target easier to see in low light. This is an excellent option for self-defense or shooting in the dark. Adding red dot optic cuts for 43x can help improve your accuracy, especially for target shooting or training. However, a new shooter can find it difficult to keep sight of their target without losing their spot in the dot window. This is why we recommend investing in a grip and trigger upgrade, which will improve the overall strength of your handgun to increase accuracy. Pistol triggers can be notoriously inconsistent, meaning that two pistols of the same model may have wildly different triggers. This is due to the physics of how triggers work and can be corrected with the right upgrades. Upgrades like magwell enhancements, magazine extensions, weapon lights, extended slide releases, and night sights can all improve the performance of your pistol and help you shoot better. Just remember that any upgrades you make should be based on your needs and must follow legal guidelines.

Faster Magazine Changes

The G43X is a great little pistol that delivers what most people want in a micro-compact. It’s accurate, reliable, easily concealed, chambered in a capable defensive caliber, and is priced right. However, it only holds six rounds in a single-stack magazine, which might make some shooters consider this pistol best as a backup or summertime Everyday Carry (EDC). For those looking to enhance their pistol with additional capacity, a simple mag swap can boost the gun to match its full-size service pistol counterparts. Similarly, an extended slide release allows users to quickly and easily eject and replace magazines during high-stress situations when fractions of a second can matter. These accessories are also available in various colors and textures that can be personalized to the user’s preferences.

Using the Red Dot

The red dot is a great way to increase situational awareness, especially when shooting in low light. It also helps shooters with poor eyesight because they can focus on the dot without looking at the front sight. However, adding a red dot to your pistol can be expensive and complex. First, you have to buy a red dot that will fit on your pistol. Then, it would be best to find a place to mount it on your gun. The easiest way to do this is with an optic cut. You can mount a red dot directly onto the slide if your gun has an optic cut. This is called a dovetail mount. It uses the holes left by the rear iron sights to hold the red dot sight. However, if your gun doesn’t have an optic cut, you’ll need to buy a new slide or have one machined by a gunsmith.