Sports That Will Frazzle Those Calories

Last year myself and my friend decided to star a new health plan and it is the first time in my life that I have actually stuck to one. The problem that we both had was that we didn’t feel like our jobs gave us time to exercise, my friend Heather Weber Merril Lynch staff no less, would never have time to workout and my job was very much the same. We both decided that we would simply have to make time to workout. The second issue that we had was that we both hated using the gym, I have always found it pretty boring and monotonous and for that reason I rarely went. If you are like us and don’t enjoy using the gym, do what we have done and get involved in some sports instead. Here are the sports which will ensure that you can burn those calories in no time at all.


Swimming is particularly good for anyone who is new to exercise thanks to its low impact style. Swimming not only helps you to loosen up your muscles and joints, it is also a great way of working out just about every muscle in your body. In order to use swimming for fitness and not just for fun, you need to really up the pace when you are swimming. Assuming that you do this, you could be burning between 500-800 calories per hour.


For racket-sport lovers, squash is the ultimate calorie burner and in just one hour you could be burning as much as 900 calories. Squash is an intense and explosive sport that will not only help you with your fitness, but also when it comes to building muscle.


The reason why I hated running in the past was because I used to get so bored on the treadmill in my local gym and needed more stimulation. When I first started my health kick however, I knew that running was incredibly beneficial and so I started jogging around my local park. As it turns out, all I needed to enjoy running was to see things as I went and I quickly fell in love with it. Running is a great way to burn the calories and if you are able to run at a decent speed, you could burn between 900 and 1500 calories in just an hour.


I was a member of the girl’s soccer team at university for a while and it was always a sport that I enjoyed. What I did not know however was that just an hour of playing soccer can burn between 900 and 1400 calories. Now I play in a regular team on a Tuesday night and the best thing about this for me is that I am buying calories without even noticing because I enjoy the game so much.

If you are looking to run calories without boredom, why not ditch the gym nd get involved in some of these sports.