Some Ideas That Will Awe Your Partner On This Love Festive Season

Valentine is around the corner and the pressure that comes with this love festive season, is real. You want to impress your partner but there are also certain parameters that you must take into consideration. One of the most important things to consider is cost; spending is inevitable on February 14 but in so doing you should be in a position to dazzle the love of your life with the amount of money you spend on them no matter how small or big the sum is. Consider the following tips.

Dress To Kill

You cannot go to war without weapons. On a similar note, you cannot go out on Valentine without looking the part. Valentine day is a day when love is in the air and anything attributed to you should emulate that theme. A dress that accompanies this occasion should be presentable, sexy and above all, should be of the right color. Red or Pink dresses should do the trick.


Make Him a Cocktail

This can be an after-dinner event, Valentine dinner to be exact. Making a mojito following a dinner is one of the ways on how to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine day. It can be fun for both of you to try out different drinks on the wee hours of the evening and a perfect way to end the day. Who said he is excluded? You can also compel him to make you a cocktail as part of the romantic gesture.

Present Him With a Memory Book

You have been dating for some time now and chances are that there are places, events or occurrences that both of you shared and experienced before. They could be fun and enjoyable, sad and emotional or even hilarious and embarrassing in some cases. There is no any other perfect time to collect all these experiences together and remind yourselves of the good (and bad) times you enjoyed together. Surprise him by taking him through that memory lane as a reminder of how much history you share together and most importantly how much you adore him because of it. For start, you could create a scrapbook with photos that capture those moments.

Dress Sexy

When it comes to Valentine, dressing can be categorized into different forms. An example; there is the dressing that matches the occasion in the general public eye and then there is the dressing that matches the Valentine theme on a private setting. By private setting am referring to the erotic bedroom themed dress up-Victoria secret for start. Adorn in that sexy lingerie he has been pressing you to wear all the time. Let his eyes feast on you for once and may be, just maybe, other parts of his body as well.

Cook For Him

The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach, so they say. What better way to dazzle any man than by cooking him his favorite dish on this romantic day of his life? A nice home-cooked meal is definitely one of the ways on how to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine day. Chicken parmesan, asparagus, strawberry bellinis or chocolate mousse you name it, he will surely dive head fast into these dishes and have you to thank for that. The two of you might be busy in your everyday life but on this day, you need to make an exception and show him who is boss in the kitchen.

Express Your Heart

You have been dating or courting for some time now or recently just met, either way you want to or more precisely, you need to express how you truly feel. Nothing spells ‘I love you’ in a very passionate and deep sense than a piece of card with a heartfelt love note, poem or message. Express things you cannot tell him by mouth through this card or as they say, pour your heart out.


Finally, Valentine is all about making your partner happy and with that in mind it is important to always be appreciative of the things your partner has done for you on this day. Some gestures may be simple or ‘cheap’ but were done with the best intentions in the heart. You can also surprise him by appreciating him with a gift in response to some kind gesture in the past for which you failed (or forgot) to recognize and might have even slipped his mind. Being appreciative of everything goes a long way in building your relationship.


Make the best of valentine by making the most of your partner’s likes, hobbies or favorite things and above all, appreciate him by presenting him with gifts that remind him of the best times in your relationship. Enjoy your love for as long as possible.