Self-Care Looks Different For Everyone

Recently, society has taken a large interest in a topic called “self-care.” For the longest time, humans have put most of their energy into either generating products or tending to the needs of others. Rarely have people ever put much effort into caring for themselves. There has been a bit of discourse among different groups, some saying that certain activities such as bubble baths don’t qualify as “real” self-care because they are frivolous luxuries. It is important to remember that self-care is a very personal thing, and it can look several different ways depending on your needs and situation.


What looks to some people like a fun “girls’ night” might actually be someone’s attempt to manage their pain symptoms. Especially to individuals with chronic illnesses, visiting places such as a medical spa Columbia MD can provide a great deal of pain relief. While a spa day hardly seems like a medical necessity to some, it can be life-changing for others.


For many people who have difficulties with certain sensory stimuli, self-care can mean seeking out pleasant sensory experiences. This can present as lighting a nice-smelling candle, listening to music, or even eating a favorite food. While this might seem trivial from an external perspective, this can actually help individuals find healthy ways to self-soothe.


Humans need happiness and fun in order to thrive. Self-care does not need to serve a specific function in order to be necessary. Taking care of yourself can mean reading a book you enjoy, participating in your favorite hobbies, or even buying yourself a little treat. The things you do for yourself do not need to be medically sanctioned in order to be valid.

The practice of self-care is very difficult, especially since society places such a low value on individual comfort and happiness. It is imperative to break out of that thought pattern and make sure that your needs are being met in order to lead a happy, healthy life.