No-Hassle Commercial Printer Maintenance

In the commercial printing industry, downtime means lost revenues and negative customer relations. Nothing is more important to your business than keeping the machines operating smoothly. Printers work hard under extreme conditions. You need to keep an eye on the primary impact section of the machine. Perform these maintenance steps on your anilox roll, doctor blades and blade chamber to keep the commercial presses running.

Clean the roll

The anilox roll must make a great impression on the product, strictly speaking. Perform anilox roll maintenance by cleaning routinely. You need to use the appropriate anilox roll cleaner. Different rolls are made from different materials. If you apply a cleaner designed for steel to an aluminum roller, you can damage the component. Follow manufacturer guidelines for choosing the product that will work effectively.

Assess the Blades

As is the case with any sharp industrial tool, the machine’s doctor blades can lose integrity over time. Chipped, broken or uneven edges will lead to disastrous results and may damage the roller. Again, follow manufacturer guidelines. First, determine the recommended lifespan of blades. Second, make certain the system is set to the correct pressure – enough to do the job, but not too much to scar the roller.

If your inspection leads you to conclude the blades need care, think about replacing them. Cleaning and honing are not worth the effort and expense; not only are replacement blades relatively inexpensive, but you will be challenged to match the performance of the new with the used ones.

Match and Clean the Chamber

The chamber holds the blade and aligns it to work with the roller. If you fail to choose a unit designed for the roller, you may find the system does not work harmoniously. First, make certain the holder is designed for the blade material you use. Since steel is preferable for doctor blades, check that your holder is not one created for plastic.

The chamber should also be cleaned periodically. If you neglect this step, it will not hold the blade securely or at the right angle. Even with care, be ready to replace the chamber after five or more years. Attending to these two matters will prevent expensive roll damage.

Your commercial printer needs to be at its best to produce a stellar product. Paying a little more now for and attending to maintenance routines will save you headaches and expenses in the long run so that what you kick out pleases your customers.