Nectar Bed Reviews – Getting Rid of Back Pain: Our x Point Plan

Back pain: the bane of about 85% of the population. That’s the number of people who suffer from the excruciating pain caused by these muscles at least once in their lifetimes. For many of them, it is a chronic problem, robbing them of the joy they used to get from life.

While this condition can be horrendous, you can repair the damage and keep it from coming back.

Learn more about our extensive plan to get rid of and prevent back pain below.

Get a bed that works with your back

Since we spend as much as 1/3 of our lives sleeping, how our beds are set up play a huge role in determining whether our backs are healthy or are fraught with problems.

Nectar Bed Reviews confirm that many of the owners of this memory foam mattress are satisfied with how it supports their body.

Memory foam is special, as it has properties which make it stiff enough to do a far better job than softer beds at preventing aches and pains, while still being pliable enough to cradle its owners comfortably.

With the spine being held in alignment sufficiently by these beds, there is no need to suffer through the experience of forcing yourself to sleep on a mattress which feels as hard as a tabletop.

Avoid sitting as much as possible

You might laugh at us for making this suggestion, as the act of sitting seems harmless, and everybody in every cubicle/office everywhere does it.

However, science has shown this is one of the most stressful positions you can assume, placing 40% more force on your back than standing straight up.

Knowing this, make the move to a sit-stand arrangement as soon as you can, as this move will do more for lessening stress on your back than most other actions you can take in the workplace.

Move around as much as you can

Postures are only the beginning in your back health quest – in addition to standing more often, you should take every opportunity to move around the office throughout the work day.

This also applies when you are laying on the couch in agony. Despite your condition, summoning the will to hobble off the couch and walk will aid in your recovery.

Think of it like this; in order to get better faster, your body needs all the help it can get delivering repair materials to the site of the back injury.

When you go for a (slow) jaunt around the block, the blood in your body will circulate faster, helping nutrients get delivered to your ailing back faster, along with accelerated waste disposal.

Improve your diet

Whenever you eat, the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals contained within your meal gets absorbed by the digestive system. If you do a good job getting all the things you need in your diet, your body will run smoothly, more or less.

However, if you fill up your body with junk (much of it white carbs), the lack of nutrients contained within them will spell trouble for you before long.

Sugars are especially bad in high concentrations, as they trigger inflammation, causing structures like muscle fibers to swell and compress nerves, which can cause serious, sustained pain.

Sticking to vegetables, healthy fats, and lean meats will help you avoid these problems. After a few months, you should start noticing positive results.