Making Gift Hampers for Christmas

It may still be autumn, but the festive season is only around the corner. Even if you’re more excited about Halloween and Thanksgiving at this stage, it’s still a good idea to start thinking ahead to plan for your Christmas celebrations, too, particularly when it comes to gifts. While there are a lot of sales events you can take advantage of that will be coming up soon, if you do want to try and save some cash while still giving people thoughtful, lovely gifts this year – why not put together some Christmas gift hampers? Below are some suggestions on the best items to put in these hampers that people are sure to love.

Scented Candles

Candlelit can help to inspire a cozy atmosphere in any home, but scented candles can give your interiors a better boost and leave your living space smelling divine. Placing one or two scented candles into your Christmas gift hamper will be a welcome treat, especially if they will give off the comforting smells of the festive season, such as pine, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. If the person you are creating the gift hamper for already has a diffuser at home, perhaps include some small bottles of essential oils for them to use instead.

Foodie Treats

Christmas is the perfect time to indulge, and picking at some tasty treats is all part of the fun! Therefore, adding some delicious food items to your gift hampers is a must. Things like jars of chutney, jellies, and even infused cooking oils can be a lovely surprise, especially if the person the hamper is for is a keen cook. You could also include small boxes of chocolates or even put in some handmade treats if you’re a good baker. Christmas cookies will be ideal, as you can make these in large batches and put them in multiple hampers. You could even use Christmas cookie stencils to decorate them stylishly.

Small bottles of wine or spirits could be another good addition, or if you want to leave alcohol out of the hampers, opt for fancy soft drinks, hot chocolate, coffee, or tea collections instead.

Skincare, Bath Soaks, and Salts

Another great addition to any Christmas gift hamper would be a few treats that the gift recipient can use to pamper themselves. Small bottles of moisturizer, face masks, hand creams, and lip balms will all be useful and allow them to indulge in some self-care. Bath soaks and salts will also work nicely as additional gifts, and they can use them to help relax over the Christmas break.

Festive Games

Finally, think about including some festive novelty games in your gift hamper so that they have something fun to play with their loved ones on Christmas day. Card games are always good to have at hand, or you could put in a book of brain games to keep them occupiedor something else you know that they would enjoy playing.

If you are interested in saving a bit of money on gifts this yearbut also want to give something thoughtful to the people you love, consider putting together some Christmas gift hampers so that they get a little bit of everything nice.