Commercial Building’s Lobby

Make a Great Impression in Your Commercial Building’s Lobby

Commercial property managers with buildings that have businesses such as stores or professional offices have to be highly attentive to appearances. In shared commercial spaces, businesses are counting on management companies to ensure that their patrons’ initial impressions are positive. Here are some important but often overlooked maintenance issues that professional managers need to be conscientious about.

Floor Mats

Without a high-quality floor mat in an entryway, people tracking in water on boots or umbrellas can make create a safety hazard. At the same time, a floor mat could be a trip hazard if it is not sufficiently heavy or it does not properly adhere to the floor. Make sure that you invest in a durable and absorbent mat to prevent slip and fall accidents.

Concrete, Marble, and Granite Surfaces

A concrete floor or accent design is likely to sustain a lot of scuffing over time. Likewise, years of wear on a marble or granite counter where a building receives visitors will take a visible toll. Restoring high-quality materials can give them new life and enable them to make the bold impression that they were intended to. If you need help with concrete polishing Manhattan NY, reach out to a company that has experience serving commercial clients in your area.


No matter what lengths you take to beautify a building, the presence of a stuffy or unpleasant smell would be the first thing that anyone notices when they walk in. Consider whether ventilation issues could be contributing to the problem. An air purifier may help, and getting a fragrance diffuser may make a big difference.

When the common areas of a commercial building are continuously in good condition, tenants will really appreciate it. Be sure to review your maintenance procedures periodically, and be receptive to input from tenants about how to keep a building in great shape.