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How to Stay Fit During Old Age

Many factors debilitate our movements and zap motivation to stay fit during old age but keeping healthy will improve quality of life and increase your mortality. There are many ways to stay fit during old age including regular movements, being social, engaging in hobbies, and ditching bad habits – we discuss these and many more methods below.

Keep Moving

Physical exercise is the crux of staying fit as we age. Studies have shown that seniors who walk 8000 steps a day lower their death risk caused by all conditions by 50%, as opposed to those who walk 4000 a day. There are many ways to increase your step count including walking a dog, gardening, and choosing the stairs over the elevator. As well as increasing your mortality rate, regular exercise will keep your body more agile.

Ditch Bad Habits

Bad habits, including smoking and drinking alcohol, can shave years off your life. Tobacco contains harmful chemicals that lead directly to certain types of cancer, with lung cancer being the most prevalent in smokers. Your body will thank you for quitting, as you’ll be able to breathe easier, which means you can exercise for longer.

Eat Healthily

Eating healthy foods can help your aging body fight off many conditions including heart disease, and essential oils can boost brain functionality. You can find information on senior dietary requirements in the official Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Typically, you will need to increase your intake of fresh vegetables and fruit, lean proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains. If you want a proven diet for aging, the Mediterranean style of eating can reduce cardiac death by 26%.

Be Social

Keeping fit during old age isn’t only about safeguarding your body; you need to protect your mind as well. If you withdraw from loved ones and society, you’re at a greater risk of suffering from depression and developing memory conditions. Keep connected with your family and friends to increase your mood, you can even use technology to video call loved ones. Further, you can pick up a new skill and attend a class, which will surround you with like-minded people of all ages.

Keep Up with Hobbies

Keeping up with your favorite hobbies adds fun to your life and can be beneficial to your health. According to studies, aging adults that engage in their favorite hobbies for at least an hour a day reduce the risk of dementia considerably. There are many ways to stay in touch with your interests including visiting museums, joining local groups, visiting new restaurants, or volunteering in the community.

Consider Assisted Living

Embracing old age can be challenging and asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of. Therefore, if you’re struggling to keep up with daily tasks, you should consider assisted living communities. Through support, your body and mental health will be taken care of – click here for more info.

Staying fit during old age involves looking after your mind and body. You should aim to improve your diet, ditch unhealthy habits, and keep engaged in your social life. If you’re struggling to find joy in later life, consider asking for help.