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How to Plan a Wedding Quickly and Efficiently

For some people, the process of planning a wedding is one that takes place over an extended period of time. They have the ability to take their time and plan things slowly over the course of a couple of years.

While the thought of a long engagement might be appealing to many, there are also some couples who, for whatever reason, are looking to have a shorter one and plan their wedding in less time. If you are in this boat, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of planning a wedding quickly.

You might have heard that in order to get the wedding venue that you want, then you need to book it more than a year out. You also might be thinking that there is no way to get the wedding dress that you want in less than 12 months.

The good news is that these are all common misconceptions about what it really takes to plan a wedding. If you want or need to plan your wedding in a shorter amount of time, it is entirely possible to still end up with the day of your dreams.

Here are a few steps that can help you to plan your wedding quickly and efficiently.

Figure Out Your Top Priorities

If you are going to be planning a wedding in a limited amount of time, you will need to begin by figuring out what aspects of the day will be the most important to you. It is all good and well to know what sort of flowers you want, but if the location of your event is more important to you and your fiancé, then you need to start considering wedding venues sooner rather than later.

Have a talk with your spouse-to-be to establish exactly what aspects of the day will be more important to the two of you. These are the items that you should look to address first before getting to all of the smaller details involved in the day.

Know Your Numbers

Before you start planning your wedding, you need to establish just how much you want to spend on the day. Knowing your budget as soon as possible will make the entire planning process more efficient overall. You will spend less time humming and hawing over the numbers and more time making decisions for the day.

Creating a wedding budget can be tricky. Make sure to leave a bit of wiggle room in case something turns out to be more expensive than you had originally thought. At the end of the day, your budget is going to be one of the most helpful tools when planning a wedding quickly.

Limit Your DIY Projects

Many couples look to keep their wedding budget in check by doing as much for the day themselves as they can. Unfortunately, if your goal is to get married sooner rather than later, then DIY isn’t the most efficient way to go about things. Instead, try to do as little as possible yourself so that you don’t run out of time putting together your perfect day.