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How to Pick Exterior Paint Colors for Home Renovations

The process of home renovations on the exterior of your home can be both major stress and an exciting journey. You want to put a fresh face on…something. But you may just not be sure what to do or where to start. Experts such as those at house painters Portland-located, and others across the nation, will tell you to take your time when you are making these big decisions.

The exterior of your home is the face of your home and the first impression that your friends, families, and guests will enjoy. Use these tips to select the best colors for your exterior paint choices for your home.

Plan Around What You Can’t Change

When you are choosing colors for the exterior of your home, look around you at what you can’t change. Look at colors like flecks in the driveway, brick hues that you want to play off of, or shades of the stones in your pathways that you aren’t changing when you paint.

Use these elements as the inspiration for your color picks. An accent in your stone walkways, a sparkle of white in your driveway, anything. Pick an exterior color that will work here.

Decide Your Theme

What do you want people to feel when they come to your home? Do you want them to feel like you are an open and social person? Colors such as white and neutral shades open up the pathways and doors to your home.

If you want a more secluded tone, that sets your home back a little and discourages intruders and strangers, darker tones such as grays and even black will send this message. Or, lighten it up just a little with a more serious shade that one expert calls “greige” where you mix grey and some beige to create a serious and sturdier look to the theme you want to send.

Think of the feelings you want to evoke and take them from there.

Front Door Message

What do you want your front door to say? Here you can bring your personality, character, inspiration, and even culture to your color choices. Red for example is a color choice that many cultures use on their front door.

Be yourself here. It’s the first thing your visitors will notice when they arrive.

Choose Colors With a Message

When you are choosing exterior paint colors for your home, bring yourself into the equation. Pick the choices that tell the world who you are. Use experts such as house painters Portland-based or those in your area to guide your decisions.