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How To Keep Your Home Safe From Accidents

If you’ve ever fallen or tripped, you know that accidents can happen when you least expect them. While you don’t necessarily know when they’re coming, you can help prevent them. Making a few changes around the house can help keep everyone safe. Here are some ways to keep accidents at bay.

Power wash Walkways

Over time, walkways accumulate dirt and debris. Additionally, if the walkways don’t get a lot of sun, they could grow mildew. Keeping your walkways clean is vital to help prevent a slip and fall Maryville TN accident.

While you should regularly use a leaf blower to keep the debris off the walkway, you’ll want to power wash it once a year. Power washing will remove all of the built-up stuff and remove any slipperiness the walkway might have. If you have particularly bad areas, consider using a wire brush and concrete cleaner.

Clean the Floor

Even the smallest toy can pose a tripping hazard, so it’s essential to have your kids clean up when they’re done playing. If they don’t have their own play area, get bins or crates specifically for their things.

Instead of having your family take their shoes off and leave them in the walkway by the door, perhaps get a bench with storage underneath. This will allow for a place to sit and put your shoes on while giving you extra storage space for the shoes to be tucked away.

Ask for Help

Falling from a ladder is one of the most common ways that people get hurt at home. Whether hanging Christmas lights or cleaning the gutters, always ask someone to stand and hold the ladder. Additionally, you should never get on or off a ladder without someone supporting it. The change in weight on the ladder makes it more unstable and easier to fall over. Save yourself a trip to the emergency room by keeping someone close by.