How to Get More Time In Your Day As a Business Owner

If you run your own business then you will be more than aware of just how many hours you need to put in to ensure that the business is running well. Whilst it is important, especially in the early stages of your business, that you do commit to putting in those hours, it is vital that you are effective for the hours that you are in the business. In order to do this you must ensure that all of the tasks or jobs which you are doing, are the ones that you should be doing and not doing the jobs of someone else. Let’s take a look then at how you can get more time in your day as a business owner.


Small business owners cannot afford to pay to have staff in a wide range of sections and so this can often cause business owners to take on the mantle themselves and conduct tasks and do jobs which they really shouldn’t be doing. The more that you do jobs which aren’t your own, the more it takes you away from what you should be doing which is running your business. In order  to free up that time which you so desperately need, you should instead look into software solutions which can automatically manage areas of your business. Using some of the exceptional software strategies that are out there, you could have your accounts, payroll and HR departments fully automated and free up some of that valuable time for yourself.

Staff Evaluation

You should have staff who you can trust to complete a task, project or job whenever you need them to and if they cannot then it is time to give them some refresher training. The problem that business owners have when they do not have confidence in their staff, is that they tend to take on the staff’s jobs themselves in order to get them done right. Once again, the more time you spend doing someone else’s job, the less you spend on your own and so you need to spend the time that the staff need in order to get them trained up to the standard that you expect.


One of the most difficult parts about being a leader is learning how to effectively delegate and it may be that you are taking on too much at work because your delegation skills are not strong enough. Delegation is all about handing off tasks and work to others whilst you manage the whole operation. You should be able to trust your staff and your team to handle things and it is important that you give them the chance to show you that they can do it. It may be easier to think that you can do a particular job yourself but once the jobs pile up, your time will begin to disappear and you will find yourself swamped, and unable to do your own job. Delegate well to free up more time in your day.