How Do Bail Bonds Work?

Being arrested is a stressful experience and nobody should have to sit in jail any longer than they must. The good news is that the vast majority of people who get arrested will be granted bail. For those who are looking to post bail as quickly as possible, it can be helpful to trust the services of bail bonds Pennsylvania. When it comes to posting bail in the local area, there are a few important points to keep in mind.

Setting Bail

Before someone can be released from jail, bail has to be set. Usually, this is done by a judge within 24 hours of someone getting arrested. It is important for people to understand the various factors that are involved in setting bail. First, some people might not be granted bail at all. These are individuals who have been charged with a capital crime, such as murder. In other cases, people could be granted something called a PR bond. This is where someone is released from jail free of charge as long as they agree to show up to court.

Most people are going to fall somewhere in the middle. They will need to post some kind of bail in order to be released from jail. The size of someone’s bail is going to depend on the severity of the crime with which they are charged, their past criminal record, and the resources they have. Once bail has been set, people can post it and get released.

The Process of Posting Bail

Once the bond has been set, the next step is to actually post bail and get released. In order to post bond, the defendant will have to put up 10 percent of the bond’s value in order to get released. If they do not show up for court, they will owe the full amount of the bond.

In order to post bail as quickly as possible, it can be useful to go through a bail bondsman. It can take a while to process the paperwork and a bail bondsman usually has connections with the courthouse. This means that he or she can post bond more quickly, getting someone released.

Post Bail Quickly

Nobody should have to sit in a cell longer than they must. In order to get released as quickly as possible, every defendant should consider working with a bail bondsman. Then, the defendant can prepare his or her defense in the comfort of her own home.