Hookup Culture – What It Means for the Future Love of Millennials

Hookup culture is now everywhere from colleges to clubs visited by working-class adults. The culture is gaining popularity in an era where people want to enjoy sexual fantasies without any strings attached. Many adults are not yet ready to take any responsibilities while older adults like this because they are committed to their marriage relationships.

Experts argue that hookup culture is likely to reduce the chances of having healthy relationships and marriages. The millennials might find it fun now, but when the need to settle down comes, they will encounter a problem of finding someone who is also ready to settle.

What Defines Hookup Culture

We have already mentioned that hookup culture is becoming very popular. Newbies, especially college and university entrants from the countryside, might have a hard time getting used to this culture. But it is only a matter of time before they get integrated into it. The culture is defined by:

·        Casual sex intimacy – Youths are increasingly enjoying casual sex with multiple partners due to their love for an adventure. Hookups are all about connecting with someone and agreeing on how to enjoy some time together. You might go for a date and wind things up with a private and romantic session.

·        Often done on apps – Today, online dating has taken over a big chunk of socialization and hooking up. Apart from connecting people who are close to each other, they also provide a guide on hookups and other relationships to millennials.

·        Hookups are brief – By now, you all know the casual dating is short-live and entails certain mutual agreements. Hookups last for a day or a weekend and if you want to meet again, you have to hookup afresh. For many millennials, this is a new setup altogether.

Impact of Hookups on the Future Love of Millennials

The biggest challenge brought about by this type of dating is what we have already mentioned. In the coming days, youths who want to settle might have a hard time settling down in serious relationships since they are used to hookups. According to experts, this habit is degrading the morals of young people and now married people are joining the bandwagon.

Hookups also denied millennials an opportunity to solve relationship challenges. First, there is a lack of commitment and responsibility because hookups are short-lived. They fail to have a taste of what a serious relationship feels like. When the time comes to settle, it will be an all-new experience.

The future love of millennials will likely suffer a big blow. Experts estimate more relationship breakups and marriage separations where hookup culture will have a big hand. The number of singles in society will also go up with a high percentage. Many of them are those who will not see a need to engage in a serious relationship in the first place.

Final Word

Hookups are full of adventure, fun, and they are mind-blowing to many people. But that is short-lived as one cannot do this forever. The problem is they increase the chances of failed relationships when millennials want to settle. But this can be solved by engaging in hookups in a controlled way.