Decking Out Your Home With The Latest In Smart Technology

By the end of the year, American homes will collectively own 45 million smart products, according to Forbes. One of the biggest smart home trends to hit America is voice activated speakers. A whopping 35% of households own such a device, reports MediaPost. However, smart home technology has evolved considerably since their launch. Therefore, if you’re looking to improve your home with cutting edge technology, be sure to choose the smartest of devices.

Smart cleaning

As a homeowner or renter, cleaning your home is a must. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average woman spends 2.3 hours per day doing household chores, while men rack up 1.4 hours. But, cleaning the home need never be the same again thanks to the latest technology trends. Smart vacuum cleaners will now clean your floors for you following a simple voice command. Meanwhile, smart mops will leave them sparkling clean. Smart technology will even take control of your family’s laundry by allowing you to add items mid-cycle. They also provide large drums of up to 10kg, promise to wash in half the time and offer high energy efficiency ratings.

State-of-the art security system

If you’re after the latest cutting edge smart technology in your home, then look no further than a smart security system. These systems are great as they’re multi-functional and provide an all-in-one service. Typically, these systems provide wireless security cameras, motion detectors, built-in sirens, door locks and sensors. Therefore, as 2,000,000 home burglaries take place every year, they provide ultimate protection and peace of mind to homeowners, while providing the ultimate smart experience.

Exceptional warmth and comfort

Smart thermostats are another multi-functional smart gadget that every home must have. They’re great devices as they allow you to remotely turn the heating on and off via your phone. Therefore, you can pop the heating on on your way home from work and know you’ll return home to a cozy house. However, one of the greatest benefits they offer is the option to monitor your home’s energy usage. As a result, you have full control of your expenditure and can adjust the temperature of your home to suit your needs. VOX reports that by investing in a smart thermostat, you can save between 10 and 12% on your heating costs and 15% on cooling costs.

Clever lighting systems

Lighting is an essential part of any home. But, smart lighting has help to make lighting systems particularly clever. The lights in your home can now be controlled via your phone or tablet. Therefore, when you’re traveling home from work, you can pop the lights on inside your property ready for your return. Additionally, you can also set up your lights to come on at a specific time, so you’ll never have to wake up to a dark and eerie house again. Similarly, there’s no need to trapse up the stairs in the dark as you can remotely switch the downstairs lights off once you’re safely tucked up in bed.

Maximize your fire protection

Every home should have a smoke detector to warn you in the event of a fire. However, when you’re away from home, a standard smoke detector won’t be able to alert you on a hazard in your property. Thankfully, smart smoke detectors will send a notification to your smartphone as soon as it identifies smoke. Therefore, if you’re at work or the shops, you can call the fire brigade and secure a fast response time. This is particularly beneficial in protecting your home against fire damage, which topped $23 billion last year, according to the NFPA.

Smart home technology is leading the way in the home trends market. So, if you haven’t already invested in the latest smart gadgets, be sure to get your hands on a smart security system, clever cleaning devices and a smart thermostat. Furthermore, a clever lighting system and smart smoke detector will help to turn your home around.