train ride

Consider the Gift of a Train Ride

Is there anyone who does not like riding the rails on a train? It recalls a much simpler time in America well before the hustle and bustle of air travel with its long TSA security lines, invasive screening machines, and mandatory removal of shoes. Trains are nostalgia steeped in history and touched off with an air of sophistication.

If you have pleasant memories of a train ride from your past and need a unique gift idea for an upcoming special occasion, then an outing on fort myers train rides could be just the ticket for you. Below are some reasons why giving the gift of a train ride to someone special will offer that person a truly distinctive entertainment experience.

Numerous Gift Giving Occasions

Have you ever stopped to think about how many gift giving occasions there are throughout life? Indeed, the list of special events that call for the giving of a present is lengthy. Beyond the obvious major occasions like birthdays, Christmas, and Easter, there are weddings, anniversaries, retirements, and Valentine’s, Mother’s and Father’s Days. It can be a struggle to come up with ideas for all of these occasions. A gift certificate to a themed train ride can be an out-of-the-box idea that will provide a memorable night of fun and enjoyment.

Dinner Anyone?

Besides offering the gift recipient the exceptional experience of the train ride itself, many themed trains that run simultaneously with the dinner hour also offer a full dining experience. Such dinner generally will be comprised of 4 to 5 courses with beverage service and a dessert selection. Thus, you would not only be giving the train ride as a gift, but you would also be giving the recipient a delicious dinner that is on the level of a fine dining restaurant.

Take Home a Souvenir

Obviously, a train ride gift certificate will be good for purchasing the required tickets at a minimum. Depending on the railroad, however, it could also potentially be applied to the cost of additional concessions and even merchandise so that the recipient can take home a souvenir commemorating the special afternoon or evening on the rails.

Gifting a themed train ride with a dinner option makes a great gift idea that is outside of the realm of the ordinary. Most passenger train services operate different excursions throughout the year depending on the season and what upcoming holidays are on the calendar, so you should have many different gift giving opportunities available to you.