Civil Engineers

Civil Engineers and What They Do

The are many different fields in the discipline of engineering. These jobs require considerable skill and education with a heavy emphasis on math and various sciences. Engineers can work in several areas. Civil engineering is a popular career choice with opportunities to work for governments or in the private sector.

What a Civil Engineer Does

The planning and oversight of infrastructure construction is the essential work of this type of engineer. For example, a DC civil engineer might be involved in a project to renovate a building in DC or improve a property by building a pool or new home addition. Civil engineers work on a wide range of projects including the construction of new homes and managing stormwater runoff. Oftentimes, they work both in the planning stages and on construction sites where they are able to supervise and guide the project.

Civil Engineer Specialties

As civil engineering is so wide-ranging, there are several types of engineers with different specialties. These include:

  • Geotechnical engineer
  • Structural engineer
  • Licensing and permit engineer
  • MEP Engineer (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing)
  • Civil engineer

Each of these careers requires a degree in civil engineering with additional education and training in the area of specialization.

Areas of Study

Working as a civil engineer requires at minimum a bachelor’s degree and most engineers have a master’s, while some will even complete a doctorate. Future civil engineers study chemistry, physics, metallurgy, and environmental sciences, as well as mathematics such as calculus. Some civil engineers have received training in the military where infrastructure is extremely important. Engineers thus have a solid technical education and background and knowledge related to their specialty. For example, a civil engineer who works on roads will have studied topics such as soil composition.

Engineers are important to the advancement and day-to-day operations of society. At the heart of infrastructure of all types, lie civil engineers. It’s a highly-specialized and rewarding field.