Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

The endless possibilities of Christmas gifts for her may seem daunting. However, putting in a little thought well before Christmas will give you the chance to get an especially special gift. This list of Christmas gift ideas for her narrows down the choices for you so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Then when Christmas has arrived she will see the thought you have put into this year’s Christmas gift.

  1. Personalised Bracelet

A simple bracelet can easily be personalised to suit her tastes. Choose a brand that has a series of charms so she can keep adding on to your gift too.

  1. Personalised Phone Case

If she’s the type that is glued to her phone, give her a gift that upgrades her favourite item. A simple google search will give you several options of companies that can customise a phone case.

  1. Creative Journal

Let her keep herself busy, creative and organised with a journal that she can doodle on herself. A practical gift she can personalise herself.

  1. Intricate Mirror

A woman can’t resist looking into a mirror. Gifting a beautifully designed mirror will have her thinking of you every time she looks.

  1. Classic Teapot

Tea makes everything better. This gift will give her a pick-me-up when she is feeling a little down.

  1. Organic Loose Leaf Tea

To accompany her new favourite teapot, give her an array of fresh organic loose leaf tea. It looks exotic inside her cup.

  1. Manicure Set

For when your significant other deserves to pamper herself. A manicure set will have her feel glamorous again.

  1. Christmas Basket

What’s better than a Christmas gift? Several Christmas gifts in one. Tailored Christmas baskets for her will have her feel spoiled.

  1. Scented Candle

A scented candle is a gift that you can both enjoy. Soothing scents will have her feel more relaxed. So will you when you walk into the scented room.

  1. Perfume

Ladies love to smell divine. Have a sniff in the women’s perfume department and choose a scent that you will want to chase.

  1. Jewellery Box

Is she always rummaging through her things to find a missing earring or tangled necklace. A jewelry box will solve all these little nuisances by keeping her jewellery in safe and in place.

  1. Wool blanket

Comfortable, cosy, soft and warm. All the things a woman wants when spending a night in.

  1. Key Finder

When already in a rush, searching for keys in a panicked state is not fun. There’s different kinds of key finders, both digital and analogue. Choose a design that will save her the much needed time.

  1. House Plant

Plants are better than flowers because flowers wilt away. This Christmas, have her house feel a little more tropical with a house plant that will last all year.

  1. Recycled Water Bottle

For the environmentally concious woman, a water bottle from recycled material is an ideal gift. A little reminder of you to take anywhere.