AirBNB Cleaning Protocol That Hosts Have To Follow

Since cleanliness is more important than ever, accommodation hosts have to commit to following Airbnb’s five-step advanced cleaning process. We are here to help you implement the process. The protocol and its materials can be accessed from the Airbnb Resource Center and in the host’s private area, which includes a quick guide and manual.

Required Protocol

There you can find the details of the products used by the host, those supplied to the guests during the stay with the protection devices, the detail of the high-contact disinfected surfaces, such as door handles and knobs, remote controls, cabinets, or light switches. Everything is presented in a 5-step process (Prepare, Clean, Disinfect, Verify, and Replace) that must be followed in strict order for each room in the house, for the most effective disinfection possible. Let us take a look at the required protocol.

The Preparation Process

Prepare the necessary spaces and equipment. Hosts are invited to choose only certified products. You should read product instructions carefully, wear personal protective equipment, and take any other precautions that may be necessary for your own safety.

The Cleaning Process

Clean all surfaces, removing dirt and dust. It will be necessary to take out the garbage, wash the dishes, and vacuum. Therefore, “hard” surfaces should be cleaned with soap and water or detergents, and “soft” surfaces follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

The Disinfection Process

You should thoroughly disinfect, using special disinfectant substances on all surfaces, particularly those that are most frequently touched. It is advisable to let the disinfectant act on the surfaces for as long as necessary and wait for them to dry.

The Verification Process

Recheck the spaces to make sure everything has been thoroughly cleaned, and sanitized according to the instructions given in the guide. You should pay particular attention to objects and surfaces that are most frequently touched.

The Replacement Process

Rearrange the materials used for cleaning, and prepare the space for the next guest. Pay special attention to your personal safety when replacing or disposing of tools that have been used for cleaning.

The Host: How to Participate

The host is responsible for making these resources their own and for requesting the certificate required by the protocol. In fact, and after passing a final test, eligible hosts will get a specific badge in their ad, which will be included in a special search filter.


Recent activity data on Airbnb shows that people are thinking about traveling again, but with caution. Vacations are returning more than ever to domestic destinations, just a few hours away by car and with outdoor space or a pool. The Airbnb initiative intends to provide additional tools for those who choose to host this summer and beyond, as well as more details for travelers who want to plan their vacations and who want to know the details of proper hygiene and disinfection. If you are a host and don’t know the Airbnb protocol for cleaning, it is best to use House Cleaning Services Long Beach located.