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8 Advantages of Working With a Travel Nurse Agency

Working with a travel nurse agency is a great way to experience new jobs and locations. It also offers nurses access to various jobs, including higher-paying positions. However, there are a few things that travel nurses should know before working with an agency. This will ensure they get the most out of their experience.

Access to a Wide Range of Jobs

The best travel nurse agency around the country can offer nurses access to various jobs, including hospital, surgical and nursing home assignments. This can be a huge advantage for nurses who want to explore different work environments and see what they enjoy most. Many agencies also offer benefits to traveling nurses, like paid sick time, 401(K) retirement savings packages and more. These benefits are important for nurses who want to protect their financial future and ensure they get the most out of their careers as travel nurses.

Better Pay

Travel nursing agencies offer some of the best pay available to nurses. They can also help you find housing, sick pay, time off, and support with obtaining licenses to work in the states you choose. The best agencies have transparent compensation packages that list take-home pay, so you know what to expect before you accept an assignment. One of the most popular options is a “Crisis Rate” job, which hospitals often call “Rapid Response.” These jobs are often higher paying than typical assignments because they require nurses to report immediately after accepting a position and hit the ground running.

Flexible Scheduling

Flex schedules are a way of working in which you can work any day and any hour that suits your needs. They are an increasingly popular option among employees today. A travel nurse agency can provide you with flexible scheduling opportunities. This means you can take time off between contracts to spend time with family or explore new places. This allows you to maximize your flexibility while juggling a busy life. You can also take time off to attend an important event. Many agencies also provide housing stipends for travel nurses during their job assignments. This helps to alleviate some of the financial stress associated with being away from home.

Access to Hospitals

When you work with a travel nurse agency, you can access hospitals across the country or even the world. They will place you in jobs based on your specialty and the locations where you want to work. They will also provide housing, sick pay, time off, help to obtain licenses to work in the states you choose and supportive customer service. These benefits are of great value and will help you find the right job at the best rates.

Access to Housing

Good housing is a top priority for traveling nurses because it impacts their ability to focus and sleep during shifts. A comfortable home provides nurses a safe place to return after a long day of travel and medical duties.

Depending on the contract, city and agency, nurses can receive a housing stipend or find their housing. While agency-placed housing can be convenient, securing your own housing can be easier and more affordable.

Access to Travel Reimbursement

Travel nurses have access to several different perks and benefits. One of the biggest is travel reimbursement. The amount of travel reimbursement varies from agency to agency, but it typically makes up a large portion of your take-home pay as a travel nurse. In addition, some agencies will offer extra hours pay when you pick up extra shifts. This can make your compensation even more competitive. Aside from paying for your lodging, travel nurse agencies usually also cover your meals and incidentals while you’re on assignment. Many agencies also include transportation stipends and continuing education courses for their travelers.

Access to Continuing Education

If you want to expand your skills and continue your education, a travel nursing agency may be able to help you obtain an accredited nursing degree. For example, there are agencies that will reimburse your tuition costs to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing from a university through its one-year program. Travel nurses can also maintain their state licenses and keep up with continuing education requirements in each state. Agencies can assist with this as well, as they understand the requirements and can make sure you’re eligible.

Access to Tax Accountants

As a travel nurse, your tax situation can be complex. It’s important to find a tax professional who understands the unique aspects of your job. Accountants can help you file your taxes and advise on which expenses are tax deductible. They can also help you plan ahead, so you don’t have last-minute surprises when it comes time to pay your taxes. The best way to find an accountant is to ask around and research a few professionals. You’ll want to ensure they have the right credentials, such as a CPA license.