Family Summer Vacation

6 Essentials of a Family Summer Vacation

There is nothing quite as fun as a summer vacation involving the whole family. For everything to go smoothly, though, you must be as organized as possible – this is especially true if you have small kids! So, to ensure you have Cayman Islands vacation packages and your family have the best time ever while staying safe, here are the six essentials of a family summer vacation.

  1. Sun Protection 

Summer vacations often involve lots of time outdoors. Sunburn from those harsh UV rays can quickly put a dampener on your time away, though, so make sure you consider sun protection before heading out anywhere. That means wearing hats, sunglasses, clothes that cover your shoulders, and plenty of children’s suncream from Toddle. It is best practice to stay in the shade when the sun is at its highest, too. Don’t worry – that just means enjoying a delicious midday lunch inside a beach-side café!

  1. A Packing List 

It doesn’t matter how early you pack – if you don’t have a packing list, you will either forget something or worry so much about forgetting something that you stress yourself out before the trip has even begun. So, have a look at detailed packing lists for inspiration and write your own, and then, on the day of packing, be sure to check each item off the list once it goes in the suitcase.

  1. Spare Clothes

You might think it’s wise to bring the bare minimum to save luggage space, but it’s always better to be overprepared when kids are involved. Unless you have a washing machine at your accommodation, bring enough spare clothing to cover a couple of accidents. That goes for the parents, too – spills happen all the time!

  1. A Safe Location 

Picking a safe vacation location is an absolute must, especially when you have kids. So, before you book those cheap flights or grab a hotel deal, do some research on the area; for example, what is the crime rate like? You have option to take a last minute summer getaway.

  1. Kid-Friendly Activities 

While you and your partner might be excited about a cultural trip full of museums, art galleries, and five-star restaurants, your little ones are unlikely to be quite as enthralled. To make sure everyone has an awesome time, find places that have a mixture of kid-friendly activities and places to please you. Think waterparks, swimming pools, white sandy beaches, and theme parks.

  1. Vacation Rules 

Being on vacation doesn’t eliminate the need for rules. In fact, it only makes them more important, as you’ll be in a location your kids don’t know quite so well. Some helpful rules to put in place before you jet off include:

  • Always Answer the Phone
  • Don’t Wander Off
  • No Tantrums

You should also include a meeting spot in case anyone gets lost. For example, if you’re at the beach, decide on an easily identifiable meet-up spot like the lifeguard’s ladder or the public toilets.


By staying safe and going somewhere that pleases all, you are sure to have fantastic summer vacation as a family.