3 Fun themed nights you can plan for your friends

Themed nights are a great way of having fun with your friends from the comfort of your own home. However, knowing what to do is often the biggest hurdle people have. To ensure that this is a hurdle that you jump over with ease, here are three fun ideas that you can do as a group for your next themed night.

A virtual trip to the casino

When people are looking to plan an exciting trip away with friends, one of the most popular choices for many people around the world is Las Vegas. That’s because with all the great food, drink and of course casino games on offer, there’s a lot of fun to be had there. The only problem is trips to these famous resorts can not only be massively expensive, but it can be almost impossible to find a date that you can all get off work and travel together. Instead, why not turn your living room into a casino hall? There are lots of different casino games you can play at home with just a deck of cards. For games like slot machines, why not join an online casino website and gather your friends around your computer or tablet to play? Find a website, like, that reviews lots of the casino sites on the website and finds the best deals you can get, such as free spins and bonuses. This is the closest you can get to the excitement of playing at a real-life casino without needing to visit one.

Turn your living room into a cinema

Another popular destination for a trip with friends is to the cinema. While we all love to watch the latest films on the big screen, once you’ve bought all the tickets and paid for all the snacks, the cost of the trip can soon add up to a very high price. Instead, why not turn your living room into a cinema. Buy some snacks and put your favorite film on the TV. If you want to make it feel more like a cinema, you could even look at buying or hiring a projector to truly replicate the big screen experience. While a projector may sound expensive, it could end up paying for itself with the money you save from going to the cinema.

Play your own gameshow

We’ve all watched game shows on the TV and thought about how much fun they must be to play. Well, for your next themed night, why not make it so you can take part in one of your favorite game shows from the comfort of your home? While you won’t have the big cash prizes to play for, you can still have a lot of fun competing with each other to be crowned the winner. Some TV shows, like Deal or No Deal, are extremely easy to replicate. Simply put all of the cash amounts into envelopes and mix them up. Then choose one person to be the banker, one to be the player, and the rest can open the envelopes in as dramatic a fashion as they’d like. Some TV shows even have their own board games you can buy in stores, so you have all the pieces you need to play at home.