3 Surprising Times You Need an Electrician

Everyone knows when the lights go out, or the electrical appliances in the house don’t work, it’s time to call an electrician. Most homeowners only know enough to do basic troubleshooting like checking lightbulbs, changing plugs and checking breakers. Although some may be confident enough to do some simple electrical work themselves, there are times that it pays to consult a professional. We think of the miracles an electrician can do to get our electricity working but what you may not think of are the times an electrician can change your life.

Generator Installation

Any electrician Myrtle Beach will tell you, coastal living means that any storm season can leave you without electricity, sometimes for an extended period. As the outer bands of Hurricane Dorian hit the Myrtle Beach area, over 25,000 customers were left without power. Instead of leaving your fate to Mother Nature, let an experienced electrician install a heavy-duty generator. Stay safely in your home with electricity to power radios and electronics for keeping up with the storms and keeping in touch with extended family. You’ll never have to throw out a freezer full of thawed food again.

Electric Cars

With the rise in the popularity of electric cars, mainly thanks to Teslas, many people have had to rethink their residential electronic needs. Garages now need to be fitted with a charging plug for cars, along with a dedicated electrical circuit. According to the type of charging station, some are more complex to install than others. Having an experienced electrician look at your current wiring and circuitry can give you the peace of mind to know that you won’t overload the circuit board while charging your car and drying your clothes at the same time. You’ll also have the convenience of keeping your vehicle charged while saving money on gas.

Landscape Lighting

You may think that landscape lighting is something you can pick up in a store and push into your yard with an attached stake. While that is possible, it frequently looks anything but professional. An electrician can listen to your needs and install wiring that can stand up to the elements and timers to keep the lights on and off at the right times. They can also combine aesthetic needs for curb appeal with security concerns so that you have the right types of lights where you need them. No more worrying about that dark corner by the garage when you come home late.