3 Reasons To Take Your New Relationship Slow

It is estimated that at least 7% of adult Americans – equating to around 14 million individuals – are neither married nor in a committed relationship and are actively seeking a romantic partner according to the Pew Research Center.  When finally meeting someone worth dating, we may become so overjoyed at the prospect of possibly finding Mr. Right, that we are tempted to start planning the wedding right away.  Before doing so, however, it may be a good idea to apply the brakes slightly, taking the time to truly get to know one another before buying the dress and booking the wedding venue. Here are just three of many reasons why it is a good idea to take your relationship slow.

If you go too fast you might miss some red flags

When it comes to deciding who to be with, our hormones often play a bigger role than our brains do. If your relationship revolves purely around physical attraction, chances are you will be so zoned into your partner’s sexual charm that you may end up completely oblivious to some glaring red flags. The last thing you want is to end up with a good-looking and seemingly charming guy who is unmotivated, unemployed and borderline abusive.  Instead of rushing things, spend time talking to your prospective partner, identifying any possible issues and deciding whether they are worth resolving or if you are simply better off moving along swiftly.

An ex may still be in the picture

Sometimes, regardless of how poorly your previous relationship ended, you may still be hung up on your ex, especially if you were together for a considerable period of time.  Even if you aren’t actively pining for your previous partner, even just stalking him or her or social media can have a negative impact on your current relationship. As many as 66.7% of Americans in relationships who took part in a recent survey, admitted to stalking their ex’s social media profiles at least once a month. By taking a relationship slow, you will be able to gauge whether your new partner is still hung up on an ex, while also working through your own feelings at the same time.

You might not be compatible after all

If you don’t take your relationship slow, you may end up forcing something that was never truly meant to be.  Sometimes, regardless of how much you may initially like someone, you end up being better as friends than you are romantic partners.  Once you have labeled your relationship, taking a step back and opting to ‘just be friends’ is significantly more difficult than it is to take things slow from the start, getting to know each properly before defining the roles you will be playing in each other’s lives.

It is never a good idea to rush a new relationship, not even if you are kept awake at night by the almost-deafening ticking of your biological clock. At the end of the day, all you can do is take things slow, enjoy every moment getting to know someone new and hope that you too will have your happy, romantic ending.