Bristol Christmas

3 Reasons to Stay at Home in Bristol for Christmas This Year

Even though this might be the first holiday season that many people are getting out and about in the post-covid era, there really are several reasons to spend Christmas at home in Bristol. Not only does the city go all out in decorating the shops and streets for the joyous season, but with the spirit of Christmas amid all the carolling and Bristol Christmas events, you’ll surely not want to miss a moment of what is in store for this year.

1. Christmas Is a Time for Family and Friends

There’s nothing quite like decorating the house for your traditional Christmas Party where you can proudly display the amazing wreaths you made at this year’s Christmas Wreath Workshop. Not only did you learn how to make the wreath, but everything was included in the workshop so all you had to do was attend and create. You can use your wreath as a centerpiece on the Christmas dinner table and sit to enjoy a time of seasonal companionship you’ve missed over the past few years. Remember, Christmas really is a time for family and friends and one of the most important reasons why you’ll want to stay at home this year.

2. A Long List of Things to Do in Bristol at Christmas

If you check out the What’s On page on the Visit Bristol Website, you’ll find that there are so many Christmas events scheduled this year. Of special mention are Bristol’s Christmas Market to be held from the 4th of November until the 23rd of December and the Festival of Light at Longleaf with this year’s theme being Myths and Legends. The Festival is held from the 5th of November until the 8th of January, so there is time to enjoy the festive lights again and again.

3. No Need to Travel the Icy Roads

Another reason why you may want to stay at home for the holidays is that the roads can get icy and laden with snow at this time of year. Besides, you’ve already attended that amazing Bristol Christmas Wreath Workshop and you finally have a wreath for your door that you can proudly boast you made all by yourself with just a ‘touch’ of tutoring. However, it really is safer to stay closer to home at the height of winter when a storm can come in when least expected. It is always better to be safe at any time of year, but during the holidays with all that ice and potentially drunk drivers on the road, it’s especially important to use caution.

It’s understandable that this is a festive time of year, and everyone wants to get out to do things they haven’t been able to do for the past few seasons. However, with all that has happened in the world, staying close to family and friends offers the best of what Christmas is all about. Why not simply decorate your home and have a small gathering for nearby neighbours and family? Next year they can take a turn hosting Christmas and that’s just what the season is all about – family and friends and lots of love.