3 Practices To Improve Overall Wellness

Everyone knows that healthy eating habits and regular exercise are important for physical health. These two habits are also linked to mental health. However, these two habits alone aren’t enough to keep your overall wellbeing happy, balanced and healthy. There are many services and products available that can help you live your best life. Try implementing these three practices into your wellness routine to see what benefits they have to offer.

Visit a Chiropractor

Chiropractors are specialists who use their hands of special instruments to manipulate patients’ spines. This manipulation improves different functions of the body and can reduce many different types of pain. Contrary to popular opinion, most chiropractic patients experience no pain during an adjustment and find that they have an improved quality of life when they visit regularly. The prescribed frequency of visits varies depending upon a patient’s specific needs, with some scheduling weekly appointments to combat chronic pain and other visiting bi-monthly for adjustments as needed. An Englewood chiropractor can help you determine how often you should schedule an adjustment to keep feeling your best.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are often seen as holistic treatments that serve as alternatives for traditional medicine. In reality, they can be an excellent addition to your wellness routine when used in collaboration with medicine. There are many different oils available to help with different ailments. Keep lavender on hand to promote a soothing atmosphere and soothe burns. Use chamomile to enhance the quality of your sleep or diffuse a drop of peppermint oil to energize yourself. It is important to remember that essential oils can be dangerous if not used properly so you need to do plenty of research before adding them to your medicine cabinet. However, many of the following oils can be a safe, effective way to boost both physical and mental health.

  • Bergamot
  • Lavender
  • Tea Tree
  • Finger Root
  • Peppermint
  • Orange
  • Chamomile

Try Massage Therapy

Tense muscles cause significant discomfort and massage therapy is a great way to relieve it. Regular massages also promote relaxation and stimulate blood circulation to relieve soreness. Deep-tissue massages work out kinks in your muscles to keep you loose and relaxed while reducing pain levels.

Wellness consists of both physical and mental health. While you likely already have a routine dedicated to helping you stay healthy, you may still find ways to improve it even more. These three practices make wonderful additions to any wellness routine to keep you feeling your best.