3 Guaranteed Ways That Caster Wheels Can Change Your Life

There are few innovations that have revolutionized our lives as the wheel has. A simple concept with a huge impact, there are so many ways wheels simplify our lives. Imagine carrying all your groceries around in a bag after taking a horse-drawn sleigh to the store! Thankfully, we have all types of wheels at our disposal: tires, rolling casters and tool box wheels that keep us moving effortlessly through our days and nights. Read on for some great ways to incorporate these handy tools into our spaces.

Optimize Space

City life is exciting and expensive. New York City is famous for its very pricey square footage, resulting in very small living spaces. If you are one of the lucky few who have a convenient, albeit tiny, apartment within walking distance of your job, chances are you have a foldout sofa bed. Rather than picking up your coffee table and chairs each night, try attaching wheels to the legs to simplify your morning and evening routine. Use the time saved to enjoy another 5 minutes of snooze on the alarm in the morning or a few minutes of quiet with a cup of tea at night.

Add Versatility

You have a great loft space but you want the illusion of different rooms. A great way to do that while still allowing light to shine throughout is to use a bookcase as a room divider. If you want to have the option to open up the space for parties, dancing or if you simply want to rearrange the flow, consider adding caster wheels to the bottom of the case for a moveable room divider. If you have a fireplace, repurpose that wasted space during the summer. Add wheels to a multi-tier shelf and roll it in front of the unused fireplace for a beautiful plant holder or handy bar cart.

Ease Cleaning

Almost everyone has that moment when you’ve dropped something behind the dresser or accidentally kicked something under the bed. After wrestling for twenty minutes to inch it slightly away from the wall, you come to the horrible realization that your home is slowly being overtaken by dust bunnies. Furniture can be a bear to move when you need to clean your floors. Take your home back from those fuzzy invaders: consider installing locking wheels to your heavier items to allow for easy access. Your allergies may even improve from keeping the dust population down.