The Psychology Behind Decluttering and Deep Cleaning

There is a reason decluttering, and deep cleaning feels good. Whether it is the process, the outcome, or the whole journey, there is something that fascinates and inspires many of us, even to the point where we now have cleaning ‘influencers.’

Though it is perfectly understandable if you are one of the types to slog your way through just to get the end results, there is some evidence to suggest that the journey is just as much of an important part of the process as is the outcome.

With that in mind, let us look at some of the psychology behind decluttering and deep cleaning.

Eliminate Stress

Cleaning can be an excellent stress eliminator due to its complementary combination of physical exercise, concentration, focus, and the outcome of the process. Not only can clutter cause anxiety and create a stressful environment and atmosphere just by being among it, but it can also make daily life difficult too. An example of this might be having to search through a bunch of things to look for something you had only moments ago, tripping up over stuff left on the floor, or anything that generally contributes to having a rougher time when it comes to daily tasks that need to be done. 

The good news is, this is a part of life that you can control, and decluttering and deep cleaning will give you a much more balanced environment that you are able to enhance as you see fit. 

Improve Your Health

Different types of bacteria, allergens, and germs can all wreak havoc on our bodies and physically affect us in different ways. There is an intrinsic link between our body and our minds, so when our bodies become irritated or inflamed, this can also have a direct impact on us psychologically. A study has shown that those who have cleaner houses have healthier bodies, and this is not just the case when it comes to home life either.  

There are plenty of common allergies that can be found in the office, which can not only affect employees’ work performance but can also increase their sick days. Ensure the workplace is a healthy environment to be in, and visit to find a reputable cleaning service in your area to get offices and workspaces cleaned to a professional standard. 

Being Organised Makes Us Feel Productive

Clutter and grime are not all that bad when we think about some of the benefits we can get through sorting it out. Throwing things away we don’t need and organizing our belongings can help us feel productive, which in turn is a great motivator. The outcome of decluttering often elicits feelings of calm and serenity, offering a good dose of rewarding neurotransmitters such as dopamine, which tells us “a job well done”. Even if this feeling just starts at decluttering and cleaning, it does not mean it ends there, as accomplishing small things one step at a time can often embolden us to take on bigger challenges and seek more emotional rewards!