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How to Use Clothing to Improve Body Image and Hide Imperfections

Most women have parts of their bodies they dislike or are ashamed of. Rounded bellies, batwing upper arms, uneven breasts, heavy thighs, thick or wrinkled necks, or simply feeling that you are too short can make it difficult to have a positive body image. However, every woman deserves to look and feel her best, so we have put together this guide of how to dress to hide imperfections.

Body Image

Studies have shown that a high level of dissatisfaction with one’s body can impact mental health and overall wellbeing. People experience concern that others are overly aware of their imperfections and judging them for it. This reduces the quality of life a person experiences, leads to psychological suffering, and may incline the person to engage in eating disorders. A third of adults in the UK feel depressed or anxious about how they look.

There are some simple rules for improving how you feel in clothing. Before coming to ways that you can dress to hide your imperfections, we look at general things you can do to feel better about your body image.

  1. Choose clothing that matches your personality and in textures and colours that make you feel good. Determine which clothes you have that make you feel that you are at your best, ready for success, or that empower you. This will boost how you feel about your body when dressed in these styles.
  2. If an article of clothing makes you feel down every time you wear it, get rid of it. Maybe you find the colour too bright, or the item creeps up when you wear it. It may feel too tight or be too fussy. Whatever the reason, if you don’t feel good when wearing an article of clothing, you will only set yourself up for a day of misery when you wear it.

Hiding the Stomach and Hips

Loose clothing looks better than tight clothes when you have a few extra pounds around the stomach and hips to hide. Tight articles will stretch over plump tissue and accentuate it. This means choosing clothes with loose lines, not just a larger size of an unsuitable style.

Stripes should be narrow and close together even as they can make you appear taller. Alternately, choose an area away from the belly to shift the viewer’s attention. For example, you can accentuate your breasts instead. When choosing dresses, opt for a trapezoidal dress style or one with a high waist.


Many women have differen tsized breasts, which can spoil the line of an outfit. Additionally, it can make them feel self-conscious. The solution is bra fillers. These bra inserts are worn in the bra cup of the smaller breast. The silicone bra fillers mimic natural breast tissues, ensuring that one breast is indistinguishable from the other.

Large breasted women sometimes feel the need to draw attention away from this part of their bodies. This can be achieved using clothing that highlights the waist with thin belts and darts. V-necks or those with a heart shape make the upper body look longer and deemphasise the breasts.

The overall body shape appears more balanced when the person wears baggy pants or skirts.

Other Problem Areas

Flabby arms can be covered with peasant sleeves. This style adds elegance while hiding the upper arms. Heavy thighs can be hidden with flowing materials and focussing the attention at the waist or above. Turtlenecks will allow you to conceal any neck problems.

As you can see, there is a clothing solution for any imperfection.