happy birthday

Happy Birthday, You Can Drive

Birthday’s only come once a year. Which makes your birthday a pretty special moment out of the 365 days. Some people get discouraged when hearing about the top 5 traffic stories as they’re turning another year older, while others rejoice by inviting everyone they know to a party. Everyone celebrates in their own unique way.

Just like any good traffic school, we remembered your birthday. Just like any good friend, we’re going to pump up your birthday with the very necessary hype that all birthdays need. That’s why we’re going to show you the best ways to celebrate your day from the inside of your car.

Eat your birthday cake — in your car!

There’s nothing quite like indulging on the sweet taste of birthday cake on your big, special day. The only thing to make it better is taking that cake in your car. Sure, it could be a messy experience, but we’re showing you how to celebrate your birthday from inside your vehicle, and this is the best way to do it. Throw in a few balloons, friends, and you got yourself a party.

Have a party — in your car!

Speaking of party, you should have one inside your car. Never be distracted while driving. With that said, parking the car and celebrating with your friends will show everyone how fun you are. They might also think you’re weird for having a party in your car, but that doesn’t matter – it’s your birthday!

Have a mid-life crisis — in your car!

Nothing compliments a birthday cake better than a crippling mid-life crisis. Looking down at that cake to see the number grow higher every year will definitely send you into panic mode. The icing on this cake is the ruminations of your mortality. After you come back from your stress induced fetal position, your friends will be there celebrating you… in your car.

Hang a sign that says “Birthday Boy/Girl” — from your car!

Since it’s your birthday, you have full permission to be as obnoxious as possible. Let everyone who drives by you that it’s your big day. Hang giant signs announcing your birthday boy/girl status and that you’re a full-grown adult. To make it even better, you can hang birthday cans from your car’s rear bumper, just like at weddings!

Get confetti EVERYWHERE — in your car!

It’s not a partti without confetti. Sure, it could be the worst creation to clean up in existence. But it is your birthday party… inside of your car. You might be finding droplets of confetti for the next decade, but it’ll be totally worth it. Who doesn’t love confetti?

Receive duplicate presents — in your car!

Urgh, another record album? This MUST be a birthday, because you just received the same present in a row. Sure, everyone made a joke about it and laughed the coincidence off, but we all feel that swelling awkward tension. You don’t even own a record player.

Use your birthday wish to make your crush notice you — in your car!

There they are, sitting in the passenger seat of your Honda CRV. They’re here for your car birthday party, but so are a lot of people. It IS an SUV – a lot of people can fit inside. The only problem is that they don’t even know who you are. You’ve know everything about them, because they could be the love of your life. So, cash in that birthday wish and hope the universe finally gets them to notice you… inside of your car.