4 Ideas For A Date Weekend

A date night with your significant other is one thing. But a full date weekend makes for a really nice chance to get away from everyday life and recharge as a couple. There doesn’t have to be anything specific about it, but it will likely remind you of those earlier days of your relationship, when you just loved one-on-one time and the chance to escape together for a night, a day, or a whole weekend. Naturally, there are innumerable ways to make this sort of trip happen, and what you and your significant other choose to do will ultimately be up to you and your general preferences. However, we have a few suggestions to start with.

1 – Go Camping

You have to be a fairly active and/or outdoors-y couple to appreciate this idea, but if you like to go out and have adventures, a camping trip can be more fun and more intimate than just about anything else. There’s just something about hiking through nature, setting up tents, and cooking by the fire that forges a bond – or, in the case of a devoted couple, enhances one. This can be a deceptively pricey kind of getaway, given that camping and hiking equipment isn’t cheap and you may have to travel to get to wherever it is you want to camp. But rest assured, the world is full of romantic camping spots if you want to make a real trip out of it. And if not, the nearest mountain, beachside campground, or anything similar can still make for a lovely time out.

2 – See A Horse Race

It’s a fairly specific idea, but a horse race can be the perfect sporting event and weekend occasion for a couple. THat’s because beyond the race itself, this is about dressing up, sipping cocktails or champagne, and generally being festive. In the U.S., the Kentucky Derby is probably the first race that comes to mind, and with good reason. Churchill Downs is a majestic racecourse, and one that’s always moving to grow through new sponsorships and maintenance. Seeing the Derby or another major race there can form a very special memory for a couple. And of course this is merely one example of a festival-like horse racing occasion.

3 – Hit A Mainland Beach

For some reason, we tend to boil down the idea of romantic beach getaways to tropical locations only. It’s understandable why these are among the highlights, but mainland beaches tend to be more accessible, and can also make for incredible weekend escapes. Travel Channel’s best U.S. beaches showcase this point perfectly, with examples from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Coronado, California – and that’s to say nothing of some of the incredible lakeside beaches in the Midwest! A mainland beach can be easy, beautiful, and romantic.

4 – Have A Spa Retreat

Last but definitely not least is the idea of a spa retreat, which is almost so much of a cliché romantic getaway we forget to bring it up! Granted it can be a little expensive to pamper yourself for an entire weekend, but a stay at a luxury resort with your significant other, complete with wellness treatments, massages, pools, and jacuzzis, can work wonders. There really isn’t a better way to relax together.