How To Live Life While Staying Safe in a COVID World

What are you planning to do for the day? Chances are staying in the house for another humdrum day simply doesn’t sound good. Is it safe to venture out, though? Can you really find a new normal while staying virus-free? These questions plague so many minds at the moment, forcing them to choose between living or settling for lack of interaction. Depending on where you are and what you do for a living, getting outside might be feasible. Take protective measures; nothing is a certainty. The following recommendations, however, could assist in keeping you healthy.

1) Think About What You’re Touching

Surfaces surround you. At the gas station, fingers hit the key pad. Hands grab the pump. Even the credit card is held. Once the tank is filled, the door is opened, and the key is inserted. What does all of this mean? Contamination could be on multiple surfaces at this point. Throughout the day, stop and think about how to avoid germ-covered objects. Find ways to press without your fingers doing the work. Then, immediately wipe down anything near you. It’s better to go overboard than do nothing.

2) Think About the Locations

Less exposure is better; concentrate on small groups and lots of air. The Centers for Disease Control emphasizes that people should strive for 6 feet apart, and groups should be less than 10. If you’re headed into a store or to an activity, be aware of crowding. For example, are you going to the zoo? That’s mostly outdoors. You can move easily away from others. Ticket lines might be a concern. Be prepared with a mask in case you have to stand directly next to someone.

3) Think About Air Conditioners

It’s summer. The air units are a must. Temperatures rise, and the cool air is wonderful at providing comfort, yet, in the times of a pandemic, that same ventilation could be a hazard, spreading organisms in the air. Indoor locations, for this reason, could be riskier. This is a time to focus on covering your nose and mouth, donning a mask for the majority of the time.

 4) Think About a Ready Bag

It’s time to stuff a COVID pack. Get a plastic bag or container. An extra large purse or backpack works particularly well. Fill it with wipes, a small hand sanitizer and extra masks. Don’t forget a bag for dirty items to prevent cross-contamination.

At some point, you’re going to leave the house. Be armed. Be knowledgeable.